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Are you living the life of an intercessor? Prayer is an important part of our walk…

At The Altar: The Altar Of Healing MONTH At The Altar: The Altar Of Healing

The final message of our series At The Altar. The Altar of Healing!

July 17
Friday 7:00 PM
A community event designed to reach out to students and young adults. Come be a part of an incredible time of worship with Matt Littlejohn Band and speaker, Pastor Hunter Staggs.
Corner Park (Downtown Clanton)
July 26
We have so many families that take a trip to the beach during the summer. So we have an incredible opportunity to enjoy a great Sunday service on the beach. After the service, we hang out, swim, play volleyball and so much more. If you're planning a beach trip this year, make plans now to attend, Lomax On The Beach!
Gulf Shores State Park Pavilion
August 14
Friday 7:00 PM
As school starts back, we encourage you to join us for an incredible time of worship with up and coming artist John Tibbs! You don't want to miss this special night.
Lomax Assembly
September 24
A weekend packed with events that will appeal to men everywhere! Men's Encounter is something you don't want to miss. Come enjoy a weekend of Golf, Fishing, BBQ, Range Shooting, Paintball, Basketball and so much more. The nightly services will be sure to encourage and challenge you to be all that God has called you to be!
Springville Camp
October 18
A day that we focus on Speed The Light. A ministry that is focused on raising funds for missionaries around the world!
Lomax Assembly